Ullu Web Series Name List 2022 Palang Tod in Datails

Hello friends, in today's post I am going to tell you about the "ullu web series name list 2022 palang tod" and their full cast, which actresses worked in palang tod series.

ullu web series name list 2021 palang tod

Friends, after the Charmsuk Series, Palangtod Web Series is a famous series of Ullu's, so far more than 10 parts of it have been released, every part of which is being liked by the people, today I am going to give you complete information related to it.

By the way, different people have worked in many parts of them, like big artists like Rajsi Verma, Muskan Agarwal, Rekha Mona Sarkar have worked.

Palangtod Web Series List

  • Naye Padosi
  • Bekaboo Dil
  • Gaon Ki Garmi
  • Shor
  • Saali Aadhi Ghar Wali
  • Double Dhamaka
  • Caretaker
  • Friend Request
  • Mom And Daughter
  • Palang Tod Aadha Adhura Pyaar
  • Palang Tod Damad Ji

Naye Padosi Palangtod Web series

  • Sagar Bhatt  as   Husband
  • Rekha Mona Sarkar  as  Wife
  • Pihu Singh  as  Maid
  • Lakshya Handa  as  Neighbour

Palang Tod (Bekaboo Dil)

  • Nishikant Diwedi  as  Father
  • Muskan Agrawal  as   Shreya
  • Sharad Gore  as  Uncle

Gaon Ki Garmi Palang Tod Web Series 

  • Nishikant Diwedi   as   Father
  • Muskan Agrawal   as    Shreya 
  • Sharad Gore   as    Uncle 
  • Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi Actors Name with Wiki
  • Raju
  • Mami As Mahi Kaur 

Shor Palang Tod Web Series

  • Rekha Mona Sarkar 
  • Karan
  • Nisha 
  • Naresh

Saali Aadhi Ghawaali Palag Tod Web Series

  • Hiral Radadiya As Shalini And Kamini
  • Shubham Gaur As Prem
  • Amandeep Singh As Jimmy
  • Aakash Sood As Neeraj

Palang Tod (Double Dhamaka)

  • Rajsi Verma as Chachi
  • Ruks Khandagale as Chachi's Sister
  • Sagar Bhatt as Bhatija

Caretaker palag tod web series cast

  • Simran Khan As Nurse
  • Tarakesh Chauhan As Patient
  • Simran Khan is playing the role of a Nurse
  • Lalit Dixit As Husband
  • Rekha Mona Sarkar As Wife
  • Shika Batra As Saroj

Friend Request Palang Tod  

  • Mishti Basu

Sazaa Ya Mazaa Palangtod Web Series

  • Palak Singh (Priyanka Tyagi)
  • Yukta Parvi (Nidhi Sharma)
  • Zubeen Khan (Manoj Kumar)
  • Aamir Mustaq (Majnu)

Mom And Daughter palangtod web series cast

  • Shivangi Roy as Trisha
  • Sachin Kumar as Mohit
  • Shika Batra as Saroj

Palang Tod Aadha Adhura Pyaar Web Series

  • Arjun
  • Misti Basu
  • Naresh

Kirayedaar Palangtod Web Series

  • Premila Mandal

Saas Bahu & NRI Palang Tod 

  • Nisha
  • Rajsi verma 
  • Arjun
  • Sanjay

Palang Tod Damad Ji

  • Rajsi Verma
  • Ayushi Jaiswal
  • Sebasish Nayak


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